RV Travel 101 talks about week 2 full time RV living overlooking Lake Victoria at Wales West RV Resort

I really thought I would have much more to write about for our week 2 full time RV living post , but things so far have gone pretty smoothly. I probably just jinxed us.

I am getting a little antsy this week. I think that a month in each spot is a little long at least for now. It kind of feels like we just “moved” to a much smaller place and not really living a full time RV life.  In a lot of ways, it made sense to stay here for a month. Rates at most campgrounds I have researched is about the same cost to stay 2 weeks or an entire month. Financially it will be much better to stay a month but at that rate we won’t get to California until July and we wanted to be there by mid-May. Wales West RV Park has been a great first step but I am ready to move on.

RV Travel 101 at Wales West RV Resort overlooking Lake Victoria on a sunny day with blue skies.

Campground Memberships and Full Time RV Living

We have quite a few campground memberships that could help keep the costs down if we keep moving. The one that I think will help the most is the Thousand Trails membership. We can stay up to 14 days in each place and then we have to stay out of their system for 7 days.  We have Passport America that gives us 50% off but so far, we have found some of the campgrounds are a little sketchy.  So, if I can get it planned out well, we should be able to stay at a Thousand Trails campground for 2 weeks for no fees and then a Passport America campground for a week for half price. When we get out west there are also amazing places to boondock or dry camp for free so that will help too. We just have to get out there.

Making Money on the Road While Living Full Time in an RV

I am still trying to figure out what I want to do for “work” too. I love working on the blog but have found that after a couple of hours my attention span wanders away. I think for now I should keep it more of a hobby.

So, some ideas I have been kicking around…. I like the idea of work camping and have found some really great opportunities that offer a free site plus hourly pay. But of course, they are all looking for a longer commitment than I want to be able to give. Maybe next year after we have some travel time under our belts, I will be ready for a 3-month job but not yet.

I have applied to some remote social media manager positions and have an interview this week. It’s a new start up and they don’t have any social channels set up yet so I would be involved from the ground up. That sounds pretty exciting but also demanding.  We will see how the interview goes.

Another opportunity is for campground marketing sales reps. I have talked to a couple different companies and they both do basically the same thing. We would be provided with a campsite for 2 weeks at each location and work on the campground’s marketing initiatives in both web and printed.  One company assigns routes and assignments and the other posts opportunities, and the sales reps can sign up for the ones that they are available to work. If we were to try this type of work, I am sure we would want to control where we go so it would be best to work with the second one. The only requirement for either after the hiring process is, we would have to be available for at least 8 opportunities each year. I have been messaging with a woman who has been doing this for 5 years and they love it. She was rookie of the year when they started and now help mentor newbies.  I don’t think Bill is sold on this idea since it is not completely stable income so not sure how far this process will go but I think it sounds exciting. Meeting all those new people every time we go someplace new, stay for free, learn the area and make money.  Bill is great at sales so I think it would be perfect but we both have to be on board so we will see……….

Adventures in Full Time RV Living Week 2

We have been trying to get out a little more, so we don’t go stir crazy. This week we went to Weeks Bay. Bill had never been there. It was really pretty but he was hoping to see some critters. The only thing we saw were anoles (little lizzards lol).  On one part of the boardwalk there were so many. I started taking pictures and soon it turned into a full-on photo shoot.  Bill was very patient with my craziness and even started pointing them out to me.  I went back to see the Pitcher Plant bog. It is a little too early in the season for these cool, carnivorous plants but I could see the remnants of the last season and I bet it is absolutely beautiful when they are in bloom. I was focused on trying to get a good picture of one of the plants and saw the cutest little red plants that I had never seen before. I used the iNaturalist app and found that they are another type of carnivorous plant. I had no idea there were different kinds. If you haven’t used this app and you like nature you have to download it. You just take a picture of what you see and upload it. The app will tell you what it is and tons of info about it. I use this ALL the time!

RV Travel 101 visits Weeks Bay and takes photo of lizzard overlooking wood fence with grass in background.
RV Travel 101 visited Weeks Bay Pitcher Plant bog and saw this red flowering plant close to the ground which is a pink sundew- a carnivorous plant has yellow/orange traps for insects on outer leaves.
Pink Sundew- carnivorous plant at Weeks Bay Pitcher Plant Bog

Everyday Life Changes and Tiger’s New Trick

After our adventure with the anoles we came back and made dinner. It’s funny- in the last few years we have not eaten dinner outside one time. Since we have been living in the trailer, we have eaten at the picnic table several times. I don’t know if it is the change of scenery (or lack of table inside) but I really like sitting out there eating while the sun is going down. That is the time of day when people go walking around and stop to talk and tell their stories. We have enjoyed that too.  The ladies (Tiger and Meemaw) have dinner in their enclosure outside with us and Spike likes to sit and watch them.

The only issue with having them outside is that the cats now want to be out there all the time. If we make them come in they don’t like it. Last night Tiger figured out how to open the screen door and let herself out.  We looked completely ridiculous chasing her around in circles for an hour. She went under the camper and kept popping out side to side. Bill was on one side and I was on the other with flashlights and I am pretty sure she was messing with us. She would let us get just about close enough to catch her and then dart back under. At one point even our neighbor was trying to help armed with a flashlight. We were all looking under the camper and couldn’t see her only to turn around and see her up in the tree. This cat and mouse game continued until Bill was so aggravated that he went in. I said “fine, you want to be outside then stay outside.” I slammed the door on the way in, grabbed her treats and went back out to sit on the ground shaking the container like a crazy cat lady. Way to stand my ground! She finally came to me, I grabbed her, and we headed to Home Depot to get a new kitty proof latch for the door.

Cat enclosure at campsite with 2 cats playing outside of RV.

That’s pretty much all of the excitement for this week. Sounds really glamorous huh? I will take it. You never know what is coming around the corner ( literally) when traveling so I am sure there will be days coming up soon that we wish for less excitement. For now, it is time to feed the fur babies and go out to watch all the neighbors start emerging after a big storm just blew through.

Bill and Rhonda of RV Travel 101 talk about living in an RV week 2 while overlooking bay at Weeks Bay.

Until next week……

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