RV Travel camper and Toyota Tundra set up camp at Whales West RV Campground

Preparing for Living Full Time in an RV

We have been full time RV travelers for one week and things have gone pretty smoothly. We have been planning and preparing for this for about 6 months so I think that made the transition easier. The hardest part was figuring out what to do with all of our stuff before we hit the road. We managed to get all of our belongings to fit into our 26 foot RV and a storage unit that is only 8×12. To accomplish this took way too many trips to the trash dumpster, we sold quite a bit and the day before we left everything that was in the house that was not coming with us got donated. I am going to do a post eventually about how to prepare for full time RV travel but for now I am just glad it is all done and we can settle into our new routines.

RV Travel 101 camper and blue  Toyota Tundra set up at Whales West RV Park.

We had to decide what we would do for mail on the road. Most of our bills are online but some things still must be snail mailed. We chose iPostal1 for our new digital mail service. We will use the address for iPostal1 for our mailing address and can view all of our mail online. We can choose to have it destroyed, scanned and emailed to us or forwarded to where ever we are. According to the website this is a real physical address that can be used for everything including banking.

Another important thing when going full time is insurance. We had to change our insurance coverage on the camper to full time use. I am not sure how they would know if we ever had to file a claim but definitely did not want to risk having something not covered by not disclosing that we are living full time in it. I have heard some horror stories about how expensive this coverage would be and some insurance companies do not do full time RV insurance so we were a little nervous. Bill called Geico to have this added to our policy and we were so happy to find out that they do this type of coverage and it only increased our premiums about $6!

What We Have Learned in Week 1

This transition really has not been very difficult and so far completely uneventful. For the most part I have continued with my regular routine. I get up in the morning at the same time, workout, clean up and then start working. Bill and I are working out a kind of dance for our day so that we are not tripping over each other all day. I am a morning person and he is a night owl so that helps too. The fur babies have adjusted really great also.

Even though we are currently living in an RV resort with an indoor pool, hot tub and nice lake- this is real life and not an extended vacation. We still have to do normal every day stuff so it’s not like we are just chilling every day all day. But, it is really nice to have those things available when we want. The best of both worlds.

RV travel 101 visiting indoor pool at Whales West RV campground

Daily Cleaning in a Small RV

I spent a lot of time planning how to set up our new tiny living space so that it would be highly functional. We have everything we need but not a bunch of extra stuff that would just get in the way. This makes cleaning and staying organized much more important but doesn’t take very long if I keep up with it.

Dishes take a couple of minutes because I only packed a few plates, one coffee cup, 4 bowls, 4 cups and just a few forks, spoons, knives etc. We also only have 3 pans with us to use on our induction burner. So, even if every dish we have is dirty at once it will take me less than 5 minutes to wash them all.

Laundry is pretty easy too- we have a small portable washer that sits in the bathtub. This is where we store our dirty clothes so once that gets full, it gets washed. My plan was to hang everything to dry but the weather has not cooperated this week so I had to go to the laundromat. Yuck. Putting clothes away is a little time consuming because I have things folded in different ways for where things are stored. I fit all of t-shirts hanging up in this little closet, tank tops are in a couple of hanging drawers just below the hung up clothes, jeans and capris above rolled to save space and wrinkles, socks and underwear in the shoe organizer hung on the closet door, long sleeve shirts, sweats and pajamas are rolled in over the bed cabinet and my dresses are rolled up there too. There is way more in there than it looks.

RV Travel 101 closet organization ideas- clothes hanging in small closet, shelves under for tank tops, shoe organizer on closet door for socks/underwear, jeans above the closet, other clothes rolled in over bed cabinet.

The rest of my cleaning happens pretty quickly in this small space- clean cat box, run the dirt devil hand vac over every surface to keep pet hair to a minimum, wipe down all the counters to keep bugs from visiting and that is about it.

RV travel 101 kitchen cabinet organization with white cabinet organizers

How I Workout While Traveling Full Time

My workouts are about the same just in a much smaller area. I have been doing a 3 mile walk/light jog everyday but now my strength training and yoga have to be done in a very tiny space. I have not been brave enough to do it in front of the whole campground outside of our camper. I am usually about done by the time Bill gets up so he doesn’t have to move around me too much. YouTube has great workouts that can be done in a tiny space. Right now I am doing using Lumowell videos for upper body and leg workouts and on the weekends I search for “yoga for small spaces”. I have found some really great workouts that take no more space than my yoga mat.

RV Travel 101 workout idea for on the road- 3 mile walk around Lake Victoria at Whales West RV Campground

How the Fur Babies are Adjusting Living on the Road

We are traveling with Spike, our Pomeranian and 2 cats- Tiger and Meemaw. They seem to be happy and don’t seem to really notice that we are on a new adventure. We have travelled with them quite a bit so they were already familiar with being in the camper. We have installed a camera so that we can see them when we are out and also a temperature sensor that sends us texts if the temperature in the camper gets too hot or cold so we would know quickly if the electric goes off when we are away from the RV. We bought a tent enclosure for the ladies to hang out in outside and they love chasing things around everytime the wind blows or a bird gets close. Spike just likes to hang out with us no matter where we are so he is easy.

RV Travel 101 traveling with a pomeranian and 2 cats. The cats love their out door cat enclosure tent while Spike sits near watching

Working on the Road

The thing that has changed now of course is work. I miss working at the park some days but I am excited to give this blogging thing a real chance for a while and see how it goes. I have wanted to do this for years and started last year but I stopped for a while. We have learned so much about RVing in the last couple of years and I hope to inspire people to try it too.

Bill and I still have so much to learn and can do it now while we are living it and share all of the info as we go. There are so many things that we had no clue how to do when we started and could not find one website that had everything we needed. That is what I want to accomplish with this website to make things much easier for other new to RVers.

This week my goal is 2 posts before the weekend travel log. But for now it is time for some “real life” stuff again. Bill needs a haircut which will be easy outside- plenty of light and the wind can just blow it away. Then we are going to grill out some shrimp and sausage and watch a movie. Not a bad way to live!

Please be sure to take a look around and come back often as we add more content to help you with your RV travels.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

RV Travel 101- Rhonda and Spike on a park bench at Whales West RV Campground

6 thoughts on “Living Full Time in an RV – Week 1

  1. I knew I recognized that camper! You did a great first blog….. Miss ya sweet friend…. But I’m excited about following you across the country

  2. This will be so exciting for ya’ll & for us to watch. WooHoo!!

    Interesting about the mail.

    Would love more info on your camera/temp monitoring system ya’ll have opted for since I’ll need similar for our extended weekends.

    A great app idea similar to Kayak/Hotwire: to be able to plug in dates, wants/needs (32’ rv, sewer & water hook up, 30/50 amp, pets, beach/woods, etc & get the available sites for you since rv’ing is so trendy right now. Places (esp state parks) are booked out almost a year in advanced.

    Happy RV’ing!!

    1. Thanks Tami for the ideas! I will get Bill to help me write a post asap about our camera and temperature monitoring system. He is all things techy in this duo lol. You are right about the state parks being booked up. I was getting a little nervous about finding spaces but we have started using an app called RV Trip Wizard and the amount of parks it shows is mind blowing! I had no idea there are so many campgrounds. You can plug in any memberships, types of hookups needed etc. It is a paid subscription but is well worth it. Have you looked into boondocking? With your set up I bet it would be pretty easy for you once you get familiar with all of your systems. That would open up a whole new world of camping for you.

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